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Topic: get rid of plagiarism in your research paper


Having plagiarism in your paper is a very bad thing. If you are still confused about your assignment you can take help from an essay writer online. Before knowing how to get rid of plagiarism in your document, it is necessary to first understand how many types of plagiarism are there.


Let’s get to the different types of plagiarism


Copy Paste content

Copying someone else's work in your writing word to word counts as plagiarism. This is the most basic and typical type of plagiarism. I hope you already know that the basic definition of plagiarism is to copy another writer’s content without properly referencing it into your writing. A good college essay writer always knows how to cite things properly. This gives his/her writing credibility and the readers trust your writing. Doing copy-paste from someone else’s writing is considered information theft in the academic world.

How to get rid of this type of plagiarism? Isn’t it very obvious already! Do not copy-paste someone else’s work.


Replacing words but still Copy Paste

For this type of plagiarism, I would say this is an updated version of doing copy-paste. People who only replace just a few words from someone else’s writing and incorporate that into their own are also considered as plagiarism. Although they may have done some writing in it, that does not mean the content is theirs. The content is till someone else’s, you just replace a few words and make it look like yours.

I used to replace words from other people’s content. I would write my paper for me cheap and say that I wrote it myself. But my professor caught it saying it is a replica of someone else’s writing, you have just replaced a few words.

If you are looking for a shortcut you will always end up having plagiarized content. Therefore, make a habit and it is okay to read someone else’s content and extract ideas from it and write your content.


Paraphrasing but NOT citing it

You have read something online and you liked it. It matches your topic and you liked the way the writer has expressed that thing. You copy that content and paraphrase it completely which takes you out from the ‘Copy Pasting Plagiarism’ category but it is still going to be considered as plagiarism.

You might have changed the words but the context is still the same. Different words but same story. This is also considered plagiarism.

Getting rid of such plagiarism is pretty simple. You are only required to incorporate references and let your readers know from where this content you have obtained. Providing references shows that you have done firm research on the topic. It will help you gain your reader's confidence. Therefore, always provide references, this will not be counted in the plagiarism


Citations are there but incomplete

Getting ideas or referring to other’s findings in your content to further support your stance is what everybody does. It is normal and has been done for centuries. People refer to other people’s work so that their work looks credible.

But if you are referring someone else’s work into your content, you must refer to it properly. In my opinion, inadequate or incomplete referencing is even more dangerous than not providing it at all. Why?

When you are not providing complete citations, it will impact your credibility. Not only will it count as plagiarism but you will also lose the confidence of your audience.

If you are weak in giving citations and don’t know how to properly give references, you can consult any good essay writing service provider that will help you in overcoming all your anxieties. Contact a professional or any other expert that will help you in providing accurate references.

This is extremely important and after learning properly, you will also get rid of plagiarism, and not only that, your readers will trust your writing.


Fake or Dummy References

I am afraid that if you are using fake or dummy resources in your writing then you are not a writer. A writer’s credibility is his/her writing. Again, if your fake resources get caught not only the content will be counted as plagiarized you will lose all the confidence your readers had in you. 

Above all, it is important to know that you should realize the essence of what you are describing in your essay by the writer when free essay writing service writes a paper.

Fake or dummy resources also reflect that you have not done adequate research on the topic. It will also affect the portion of your writing where you have incorporated legit references. Therefore, it is required of you to perform adequate research and do not look for shortcuts. Make notes while researching and when you use those notes, give references and your content will be plagiarized.

To get rid of plagiarism one must know how it got there in the first place so that it can be removed accordingly.


One More Thing!

It is also very important to know how much plagiarism is allowed. The standard is 20% but it differs in different countries. The allowed percentage of plagiarism varies with institutes and with the nature of the paper you are writing. Therefore, you must know first how much is allowed and afterward you can remove the remaining.

You can use a plagiarism checker tool to check how much content of your paper is plagiarized and where exactly.

Providing relevant and authentic information is the key to writing a good report. It means I cannot write like a writer without using efficient and reliable sources related to the topic so i need someone to write my essay for me.

In addition, there is also software available online that will assist you in removing plagiarism.

I hope this article helps you in removing plagiarism from your paper. Just follow the guidelines and make sure you do not copy-paste someone’s content. Paraphrase the content but give proper and accurate citations.


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